About Creative Statements


Creative Statements (CS) was established in 2002. Performing arts and event management are Creative Statement's area of special interest and expertise. Creative Statements has presented and has been associated with many events in the past that have made a mark of their own. These programs have been related to creative arts, culture and development issues.

In addition to event management CS also provides logistic support, rapporteuring and documentation (print, audio and video) services. The service also includes translations and editing of documents as well as overall coordination and facilitation of workshops/research based projects.

Aims and Objectives

  • Creating Concepts:

    Creative Statements's main focus area is creating new ideas for specific purposes and implementing them. Not limiting ourselves to just initiating ideas, we also transform these ideas into events incorporating different mediums of performing arts, fine arts, workshops and film. Celebrating Womanhood is one endeavor of ours that we passionately believe in and have been organizing for the past nine years.

    Creating ideas for specific target groups: Creative Statements conceptualizes and delivers events & visual presentation according to the requirements of certain target groups. Creative Statements has conceptualized musical ballets, songs, dances and television shows related to child rights, girl trafficking, environmental issues and peace.

  • Transcending borders:

    Our annual event, Celebrating Womanhood has been replicated at the regional level encompassing women of the SAARC region. Creative Statements also attends art festivals in other countries to present our art form as well as exchange ideas and learn from other groups.

    Fund raising/social events for areas requiring help: Raising funds and awareness for social causes has always been one of Creative Statements's area of concern and interest. Most of these events are related to children and women.

    Management and coordination of workshops/research based projects. Creative Statements also provides rapporteuring and documentation (print, audio and video) services. Further services include translations and editing of documents as well as overall coordination and facilitation of workshops/research based projects.

Organizational Strengths:

  • Diverse and long Experience:

  • The creative team at Creative Statements have been working on events even before the formalization of Creative Statements as a company. Diverse experiences gathered over the years, has equipped us better in understanding perceptions, developing themes accordingly and in communicating the message across.

  • Creative & Committed Support Team & Strong Network:

  • The core team of Creative Statements remain as passionate and committed towards their work as when they started out on this venture.

  • Leadership:

  • The promoter cum Executive Director of CS is Shrijana Singh Yonjan

  • Infrastructure:

  • CS started out as a small group of like minded people. Today we have a bank of creative, talented and helpful people. We consider them our main infrastructure. We have also built a network of people belonging to different backgrounds.


  • Public Relations and Media support:

  • Over the years, CS has built up a strong reputation in different sectors through its commitment and quality of work. Any CS event ensures innovation and quality. Our strong links with different mainstream and alternative print and electronic media have helped us generate further interest in our events.

  • Connection with performers/technical support crew and others:

  • Our connection with personnel related to performing arts ranging from senior to new artists from the fields of film, music, fine arts and theatre has grown with every performance of ours. We have also worked with the best of the sound/lights and AV production crew of Nepal.

  • Marketing Support:

  • CS has extremely congenial working relationship with most of the major marketing and advertising agencies of Nepal which enables us to further develop cohesive and effective strategies incorporating relevant elements.

  • Work Experience with other National and International Organizations:

  • CS works with both private sponsors and national and international organizations. Following are the organizations that we have worked with or provided our services to:

    International Organizations Private Organizations Others
    Embassy of Denmark Kantipur Publication Hotel Association Nepal
    The Euporean Union Office of Nepal
    Nepal Tourism Board(NTB)
    EHP-USAID Laxmi Bank
    Echo Himla Yeti Airlines SHUVA TARA School
    ILO ULLENS School
    MEHDEP Rotary International, Nepal
    RIP (Rural Infrastructure Project)/World Bank
    SAP Int

    Besides these organizations there are other occasional sponsors for different events.

  • Current Ventures:

    • Production of 12 episodes of Children’s series.
    • Celebrating Womanhood 2011 - slated for December 11, 2011

  • Work Experiences(Selected):

  • Program & Production
    1. Stories of Skilled Birth Attendants in Nepal – a documentation covering Gorkha, Jhapa and Phaplu for HHESS and UNFPA 2011 April/May
    2. Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards ¬– An annual awards function for the women of Nepal 2002 and ongoing.
    3. Danfe Chari – A ballet based on the love story between the danfe (bird from the hills) and the murali (bird from the terai). A Creative Statements Production presented during Celebrating Womanhood 2008 and filmed in May 2009. Due for release in august
    4. Reetu Rang – Launch of a musical compilation based on the six seasons of Nepal composed by Maestro, Gopal Yonjan. An ongoing venture of Creative Statements and planned for Celebrating Womanhood 2009
    5. Dhara Gatha- an amalgam of dance, music and poetry based on the different forms of violence faced by Nepali women in the name of culture A Creative Statements Production
    6. Theme based performances: between 1987 - 2008: Prayer for Peace
    Social inclusion
    Nationalism Environment
    Gender sensitivity
    Historical values
    Glimpses of Nepal
    Essence of Women
    Cheli ko Awaz – on girl trafficking
    Creative Statements in partnership with various organizations involving dancers, artists, singers, and students of performing arts, children, lesser privileged children and survivors of violence.
    7. Fund Raisers Publication of differently able poetess Jhamak Kumari's book of poems
    Manawiya Sarokar Kendra, an orphanage in Dhumbarahi
    Construction of a smoke-less chula for the old people's Home at Pashupatinath
    United Nations Women’s Organization (UNWO) a fund-raiser for the education of the girl child
    Introduced and initiated, 'Contribute a rupee a Day - Educate Nepal' venture for ASMAN - a venture to generate funds for training of teachers.
    8. Participation in the Asia Arts Festival in China - Concept /Choreographer-The Colors of Nepal October 2002
    9. Shooting and release of Nunu, an animated lullaby for children composed by my father, Gopal Yonjan. This music video is the first of its kind in Nepal March 2001 – May 2001
    10. Coordinator, Organizer - Millennium Feast for Deprived children To celebrate the turn of the century for and with the children January 11, 2000
    11. Television Programs:
    Documentary/TV Spots/Programs:
    Conceptualizer/director of Women's/Social/Heritage programs:
    Pahichan, Jeevan ek Rang anek, Aroha Avroha, Hamro Astha and others on Channel Nepal
    Mother, Sister, Daughter - the violence they face - Final Visual/music sequencing and packaging of the 26 minutes documentary for Sancharika Samuha
    Two 30sec TV spots based on laws for migrant women for United Nation's Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

    1. Nrity Aagan - Training workshops for choreographers and Dance Teachers Resource Person August 2011
    2. Lasanaa - workshop & Catalogue on Female Heroes/Herstories Participant and Editor December 2008 - May 2009
    3. ASMAN - Performance at the Garden of Dreams to celebrate International Women's Day Conceptualizer & Performer March 8, 2009
    4. Un Theme Group on Gender in association with the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and the National Women's commission of Nepal - Men & Boys Engage in Violence against Women to mark the 99th International Women's Day Conceptualizer of Opening Program and Compeer March 7, 2009
    5. International Conference on Constitution Making in Nepal organized by the Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust and supported by Brigham Young University, USA Compeer and Simultaneous Translator February 13 - 15 2009
    6. UNESCO - Music of the Gods; Intangible Cultural Heritage of Nepal's Musical Castes. (Dalit Festival) Consultant Program Coordinator and Compeer January 23 - February 15, 2009
    7. WISCOMP - Symposium Democracies in Transition: Opportunities & Challenges for Nepal Participant January 22 - 24, 2009
    India International Centre,
    New Delhi
    8. UNFPA - Launch of the State of the World Population report. Conceptualizer of Thematic performance 12th November 2008
    9. Violence Against Women in Politics, SAP I Compeer 2007
    10. World Day against Child Labour organized by ILO/IPEC Coordinator June 12, 2004/ 2005 and 2006
    11. Regional High level Meeting on Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS - UNIFEM Paper Presenter /Coordinator May 18 – 25, 2006
    12. Men's Perspectives on Violence against Women organized by SAATHIduring 16 days of Activism against violence against women Consultant Coordinator December 2005
    13. USAID/BASICS - Research on Nepal’s Child Survival Consultant Documentator November –December 2002
    14. Refresher Training Workshop for Technologists/Microbiologists participating in AMR Surveillance of Selected Infectious Diseases in Nepal jointly organized by USAID/HMG MOH/DHS/EDCD/NPHL/ECDDR Consultant Coordinator 2001
    15. USAID/ASIA and Near East Bureau Regional HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Coordination Meeting Consultant Coordinator 2000
    16. Self Grooming classes for women over 16 Trainer April - December 1996
    17. Programs and events related to social issues especially focusing on women and children Coordination/choreography and management 1988 - 1996