Shrijana Singh Yonjan

Director of Creative Statements, Shrijana has been actively involved in the coordination and communication sector for over two decades. Shrijana is the most appreciated creative consultant, program coordinator and organizer. She mostly organizes and is involved in events to raise awareness on various social issues especially related to women and children. She is known for her unique choice of theme and approach. Much sought after compeer for special events, she has been actively coordinating events/workshop/and interaction programs since her college days in 1987.

Her brainchild, the annual Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards, which is the only regular awards function for women which has also received the endorsement of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare in Nepal is her brainchild and has today managed to reach out to the South Asian Region encapsulating the countries of the SAARC Region.

Starting her journey in media through radio as anchorperson, she played a key role in the launching of Channel Nepal (the first satellite television of Nepal). Through Channel Nepal, Shrijana introduced various programs related to women, children, culture and senior artists. Member of Sancharika Samuha (Women Communicator's Forum Nepal), Shrijana also contributes to various publications in English and Nepali and is a columnist for ECS Living magazine where she writes about current and social issues.

Shrijana's first love has always been the stage; creating concepts, working with various artists, discovering new talents and creating themes especially related to gender sensitivity has always been her passion. She firmly believes that arts is one of the strongest medium to bringing about social change.

She studied dance as one of her subjects in college and graduated with distinction in Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Charya and Nepali Folk dance. Shrijana is invited by different organizations, campuses and schools to give lectures on her work, personality and confidence development.